What is locked-in syndrome

What is locked-in syndrome

Otherwise switch off the device. Check the SAR value of your mobile phone and, if necessary, replace it with a low-radiation model. When surfing the Internet, use WLAN if possible and not the cellular network The further the mobile phone is from your head, the better is it. So if possible, use a hands-free kit or a headset. Children in particular are often sensitive to radiation, choose a low-radiation model for your offspring, and some smartphones even have the Blue Angel environmental seal.

Chamomile has a number of beneficial effects on the body. Inhaling chamomile in particular promises a positive effect on colds and diseases of the respiratory mucous membranes as well as infections. Here you can find out everything you need to know about effective inhalation.

Inhaling with chamomile: the classic variant

Inhaling chamomile in the event of an infection or cold symptoms such as a sinus infection works best with the pot variant. For this you need a pot of hot water (at least three liters), a towel and chamomile flowers or optionally tea bags with chamomile. Dosage: Use a handful of chamomile flowers or alternatively four tea bags.

Now you need to bend your face over the steaming pot, drape the towel over your head and breathe deeply in and out for several minutes. Caution: The pot variant carries risks. For example, you have to make sure that the pot is secure and stable – if the container tips over or falls off the table, you can easily get scalded.

In addition, the vapors can irritate the eyes, as they not only penetrate the mouth and nose, but also into the closed eyes. The better method is to inhale with the steam inhaler.


Sometimes people wake up from a coma after many years. This rarely happens and depends on how bad the damage is in the brain. What are the differences between a coma, a vegetative state and an artificial coma?


What is a coma? How is a coma treated? Causes of coma What is a vegetative coma? What is an artificial coma? What is locked-in syndrome?

It happens again and again that people wake up from a coma after months or years. That is often in the headlines – because it is rare, especially after many years. Because the longer a coma lasts, the greater the likelihood that a person will no longer wake up.

As a rule, a coma lasts a few days to a maximum of a few weeks. Doctors differentiate between different phases, the vegetative coma and the artificial coma are special forms.123helpme.me

What is a coma?

A coma is not a disease, but a condition: the affected person is alive but unconscious. It is as if he were sleeping: he does not react at all or only very weakly to external stimuli such as pain, light or the voice of another person.

Experts differentiate between different degrees of severity of a coma.

Stage 1: The patient is unconscious but has a slight response to pain. When exposed to light, the pupils react by contracting. Level 2: The reaction to pain is very slight, and the pupils hardly react either. Level 3: The reaction to pain and the movement of the pupils are weak, diffuse and aimless. Muscle cramps may occur. Level 4: The patient shows no reaction to pain. The eyes are wide open but do not respond to light and do not move. However, the patient breathes unaided.

How is a coma treated?

Coma patients usually receive intensive care. They often have to be artificially ventilated or fed. The therapy treats the disease that caused the coma. In addition, there are measures that appeal to the brain in the hope of awakening its senses.


Causes of Coma

The unconsciousness can have many different causes. The brain is often injured after a serious accident, such as a traumatic brain injury. Sometimes, however, there is nothing to be seen on the outside, but severe damage has occurred inside the skull.

A bruised brain can cause severe symptoms, but a concussion is usually easier. Bleeding in the brain can cause a coma, as can high blood pressure in the head. Conversely, a stroke can reduce the blood supply to such an extent that the person affected may pass out.

Drug or medication poisoning

Encephalitis or meningitis can also affect the functions in the head so badly that people fall into a coma. Other causes are tumors, metabolic or hormonal disorders and poisoning from drugs or medication.

What is a vegetative state?

Doctors also call the vegetative state  "apallic syndrome". Around 5,000 people in Germany live in a vegetative state. Affected people seem awake because their eyes are open. They cannot communicate and it is often impossible to prove whether they perceive something of their environment.

But sometimes patients manage to fix certain points in a room. This was the case, for example, of a woman from the United Arab Emirates who woke up after 27 years: she had often looked at her son. It is possible for those affected like her to wake up from a vegetative state, but this rarely happens.

What is an artificial coma?

In this case, medical professionals intentionally put a patient into a coma using anesthetics. So you are not really in a coma, you are drugged. The point of the artificial coma is to protect seriously ill or injured people and to help them get better faster. Sometimes patients remember things that happened during the artificial coma.

What is locked-in syndrome?

This very rare syndrome is an almost complete paralysis of a person. Most patients cannot move their face or body. Chewing and swallowing are also not possible. However, those affected are fully conscious. Some can learn to communicate with their eyes.

Awakened again after 27 years: attending doctor explains healing Shortly before organ removal: brain-dead boy wakes up from a coma BGH ruling: Order of a vegetative coma patient is effective

Many patients who are in a coma are still conscious even if they cannot express themselves. For example, some respond with stronger breathing or a faster heartbeat when touched, especially by loved ones. That is why caregivers and relatives should always behave as if the coma patient was fully conscious.

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When a woman stops wanting sex, it can put a strain on the relationship. In the USA, a preparation has now been approved with Flibanserin that is said to help women achieve more pleasure. But does this really require medication? Experts in this country name reasons for displeasure and advise couples to approach their sex lull differently.

The pink one "Viagra for women" has a psychological effect – and therefore very different from the preparation for men that is supposed to induce an erection. With women, it’s not about promoting ability, but wanting.

Pill doesn’t solve the real problem

"Many women will take it with great expectations and then notice: Nothing happens there", says the President of the German Society for Social Science Sex Research (DGSS) Jakob Pastötter about the new pill. Sex therapists know from experience with Viagra that many of the real problems cannot be solved by medication.

Lull in sex lets you forget lust

For example, lifestyle can be to blame for the lull in sex: Those who exercise little, smoke and drink alcohol have less desire. Often, however, it is the psyche that inhibits women’s libido. Natural desire diminishes – that’s normal in a relationship. "The longer couples don’t have sex, the harder the way" says the Viennese couple therapist Dominik Borde. Many women barely feel any desire if they haven’t had sex for a long time. Tenderness and sexuality are the basis of the relationship – and often the only characteristic that distinguishes the partnership from friendship.

Pressure and accusations make things worse

"Lust goes away when you have to feel like it"says Borde. Men should therefore not jostle or blame their partner. If she shows herself listless, it is all the more important for the man to take care of his wife.